Video: Manchester Oxford Road - Bus Priority

Video: Manchester Oxford Road – Bus Priority

Source: Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)

Over 25 miles of the bus network are being either created or improved as part of a £122 million ‘bus priority package’ to improve bus connections on three key corridors into the city centre. This video takes you on a virtual journey along Oxford Road...


Video: Bus Passenger Information System Advantech In-vehicle Series

Source: Advantech Europe

Advantech ARK-V in-vehicle features an integrated PoE, certified hardware and intelligent management software design...

Video: Robust communications for transportation systems

Video: Robust communications for transportation systems

Source: Siemens

With a combined portfolio of RUGGEDCOM and SCALANCE networking products, Siemens is taking a leading role in transportation networks around the world. We offer best-in-class, end-to-end networking solutions for road and rail that are able to withstand the harshest conditions...

Video: Bus Passenger Information System

Video: Bus Passenger Information System

Source: Advantech

The Fanless Embedded Systems ARK-V&S series are designed for rugged and space-critical in-vehicle and video surveillance applications. These embedded systems feature in-vehicle power (9~36Vdc, ISO-7637-2), in-vehicle certifications (E-Mark, IEC-60721-3-5 5M3), extension capability and wireless communication (GPS/G-sensor/Wi-Fi/3G/CANBus) for in-vehicle applications. Watch the video for more information...


Video: TRACe™ EN50155-certified transportation computer family

Source: Kontron

The TRACe transportation computer family from Kontron delivers proven, rugged and feature-rich building blocks that allow design flexibility. Its rugged design ensures stable operation in harsh environments. It's ideal for any rolling stock application that includes passenger information systems, video streaming and storage servers, security surveillance and train management systems. Watch the video for more information...

Cycle Safety Near Buses

Video: How technology can make cycling safer

Source: BBC News

This video takes a look at a piece of technology which uses audible warnings to notify bus drivers when a cyclist is passing either side of the bus...

Guide Dogs Campaign for Talking Buses

Video: Guide Dogs campaign for ‘talking buses’

Source: Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs is campaigning for 'talking buses' - buses with audio visual next and final stop announcements on board...


Video: Take a look behind CentreComm, the heart of London’s bus network

Source: Centrecomm

Centrecomm provides a vital, life changing service as the guardian of London’s passengers and back up support for London’s Bus Drivers...

TfL CCTV Free Seats

Video: TfL trial CCTV on buses to show you free seats

Source: Transport for London

Transport for London trials CCTV software that detects which seats are free on the top deck of a bus. This video shows how the technology works...

Video: How would you change the Bus Stop?

Source: University College London

University College London presents London's commuters with two new concepts for the traditional bus stop design. Moving beyond functionality, this video aims to promote social change and interaction through better design of every day items...