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CCTV & Control Rooms 2016

Issue 2 2016, Supplements, Z homepage promo  •  3 May 2016  •  Eurotransport

Tomás Melero explains how CITRAM is revolutionising the traditional concept of public transport management; Eduardo Hernandez Ledesma discusses intelligent image analysis; and Thomas Kritzer looks at CCTV as a multipurpose tool…

Wiener Linien awards Vienna U1 line electrification contract

Industry news  •  2 November 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Public transport operator Wiener Linien has awarded a contract to electrify new sections of Vienna’s U1 Line to SPL Powerlines Austria.

Driverless U-Bahn trains proposed for Vienna

Industry news  •  8 June 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Viennese transport operator Wiener Linien has revealed plans to introduce driverless U-Bahn trains on Line U5.

Wiener Linien places order for 119 Bombardier FLEXITY trams

Industry news  •  4 June 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Vienna Transport Authority Wiener Linien has signed a contract with Bombardier for the supply of 119 FLEXITY trams and the maintenance of up to 156 vehicles.

The role of public transport in achieving Vienna’s future urban development goals

Issue 5 2014  •  24 October 2014  •  Günter Steinbauer – CEO of Wiener Linien

Vienna – the Austrian capital – is rapidly growing and, for many years in a row, has been rated as the city with the highest quality of life in the world. Vienna’s population has grown used to this headline in recent years. At the beginning of 2014, Vienna had a population of exactly 1,765,649, an increase of 24,000 from the previous year. The city has seen its population grow by approximately 200,000 inhabitants since 2000. Statistics Austria expects that Vienna will be home to over two million people by 2029 – however, this presents significant challengers for the city’s administration, particularly in the field of transport, writes Günter Steinbauer – CEO of Wiener Linien – the city’s provider of transport services…

2012: ‘year of the tram’ in Vienna

Issue 5 2012  •  31 October 2012  •  Günter Steinbauer, CEO, Wiener Linien

Public transport in Vienna is highly popular and is well known on an international level. However, the fact that Vienna has declared 2012 as the ‘year of the tram’ is a real rarity. While the popularity of trams seems to be fading in many countries around the world, Wiener Linien has made a clear commitment to its trams, together with the City of Vienna, and is expanding their use.

For more than 150 years, trams have been a fixed part of Vienna’s image, just like the famous Fiaker carriages belong to Vienna’s city centre. Vienna’s trams began life with a horse-drawn tram line in 1865. The Vienna Tramway Company was founded in 1872, from which time the New Vienna Tramway Company also became a direct competitor. Just a few years later in 1883, the first steam-powered tramway was travelling around Vienna. In 1897, a new era was ushered in when the first tram line powered by electricity was opened. Then, just two years later in 1899, the City of Vienna assumed control of the licence for building and running the ‘Electrics’, as trams were affectionately known in Vienna at that time. Work to expand the network of tram lines in the Austrian capital reached its peak during the interwar years.

Wiener Linien’s metro station ‘Stadium’ Meeting challenges of big events

Issue 6 2011  •  3 January 2012  •  Thomas Kritzer, Deputy Head of Metro Operations, Wiener Linien, Chairman of the UITP Security Commission and Eurotransport Editorial Board Member

Big events in urban areas involving lots of customers are a regular challenge for public transport operators. Wiener Linien has decades of experience in successfully managing big events and lots of customers.

Shortly before Euro 2008, the European football cup held in Austria and Switzerland, Wiener Linien opened a new station on the metro line U2 close to the Viennese football stadium, only about 200m away. Different to other public transport operators, Wiener Linien could build a new station right from the planning phase. The challenge was to give a great number of the approximate 50,000 spectators a high quality public transport travel opportunity, very close to the stadium. Transport before the event is challenging, but easier, as people reach the site over a longer period of time. However, at the end of an event, no matter if it is a football match or a rock concert, a huge number of people want to use public transport – immediately and all at the same time.

It was clear that a normal station ‘setting’ would not meet the requirements of such an event. Wiener Linien, together with architects and supported by the Österreichisches Institut für Schul- und Sportstättenplanung (Austrian Institute for planning of school and sport venues), developed a station building to be used as a ‘normal’ metro station, but also as a station fitting for big events.

Wiener Linien’s social media success contributes to passenger satisfaction

Issue 5 2011  •  31 October 2011  •  Günter Steinbauer, CEO, Wiener Linien

The Viennese love their public transport. Thirty-six percent of all trips within Austria’s capital are made by subway, tram and bus. This makes Vienna an international leader in the field of public transport – and that is certainly quite something.

Alongside having good infrastructure and modern vehicles, there is no doubt that customer focus is the most important factor for this popularity. This is also illustrated in the current customer satisfaction studies of Wiener Linien: no less than 95% of the 900 respondents surveyed evaluated the service of Wiener Linien as good – a plus of 2% compared with the previous year.

However, Wiener Linien is not resting on its laurels; not only is it trying to maintain high customer satisfaction but also to boost it even further through different means.

The launch of its social media presence in March 2011 constituted another step towards greater customer orientation and customer satisfaction, making Wiener Linien a pioneer amongst European local public transport providers.

Vienna’s underground network continues to expand

Issue 5 2010  •  29 October 2010  •  Günter Steinbauer, CEO, and Answer Lang, Head of Communications, Wiener Linien

Wiener Linien is Vienna’s leading transportation company. Approximately 2.2 million passengers travel the length and breadth of Austria’s capital with Wiener Linien’s 83 bus, 38 tram and five underground routes every day – this adds up to 812 million people annually. Passenger numbers have been rising for years, with the result that, in Vienna, more journeys are now completed by public transportation than by any other option, including car journeys and pedestrian routes.

30 years of safe and secure metro operation in Vienna: Successful strategies and future developments

Issue 3 2007, Past issues  •  13 June 2007  •  Karl Bergner, Head of Metro Operations, Wiener Linien and Thomas Kritzer, Metro Operations Department, Wiener Linien

Modern public transport in a large city is expected to keep transit times short, but it is also expected to give potential customers a feeling of comfort, safety and security. These factors play a major role in city dwellers’ choice of transport modes. Thirty years of successful metro service with growing ridership confirm the expedience of previous safety and security strategies. New plans and concepts for future policies are designed to continue this success story in the next decades.

Vienna is not only one of the most beautiful cities but also a city where urban transit is much appreciated and accepted by the population. This is mirrored in a trend reversal in favour of public transport, the modal split between public transport and motorised individual transport being at a ratio of 35% to 34% (2006).