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Transport devolution in the UK

Issue 3 2016  •  20 June 2016  •  Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Department for Transport, UK

Cities matter to the UK. Cities and their wider economic areas account for an astonishing 74% of our population and 78% of our jobs. They act as engines of growth and in recent years have been crucial in boosting the UK economy. As a government it is vital for us to promote growth in the places that people live and work, and transport has always played a critical role in this development. London, in particular, is a truly global city and a comprehensive, integrated public transport system has been a key factor in its success. To have a thriving, modern economy requires resilient and innovative transport systems and our cities are leading the way in developing unique solutions to the challenges they face…

West Midlands’ smart success

Issue 3 2016  •  20 June 2016  •  Chris Lane, Swift Commercial Specialist

Many public transport users in the West Midlands are now travelling smarter with a range of ticketing options thanks to Centro’s ‘Swift’ Card. As Swift Commercial Specialist, Chris Lane, explains, passengers no longer have to delve into their pockets to find the exact change to travel and in giving passengers effective and efficient smartcard ticketing products, patronage has increased and satisfaction improved…

Modeshift – the sustainable travel network

Issue 3 2016  •  20 June 2016  •  Ross Butcher – Chair of Modeshift

If you got a chance to read his ‘online-author-preview’ in April 2016 , Ross Butcher – Chair of Modeshift – introduced the organisation and the work they are doing to improve sustainable travel delivery in the UK. He also covered the importance of sustainable travel and challenged readers to think about a journey they have taken as a passenger or driver of a car that could have been replaced by a more sustainable travel mode. Here, Ross takes us on a journey through childhood, lifestyle changes and how Modeshift wants things to be made easy…