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Acapela Group creates custom voices for Trafikverket

Industry news  •  17 March 2015  •  Acapela Group

Trafikverket, The Swedish Transport Administration, has enriched its Passenger Information System with a new custom voice from Acapela Group…

Congestion tax enforcement can lead to benefits

Issue 6 2013  •  16 December 2013  •  Emma Hermansson, Project Manager Congestion Tax, Transportstyrelsen

Congestion tax was enforced in Gothenburg on 1 January 2013 and was made in collaboration between the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). With a budget of 950 million SEK the project was a huge challenge. Emma Hermansson from Transportstyrelsen was in charge of the joint project, and in an interview for Eurotransport she explains that the challenge was not only of a technical nature, but also of a personal nature due to the project being debated at length in public.

“I have been involved with the congestion tax system since the days of planning the trial imple mentation in Stockholm during seven months in 2006, but the project in Gothenburg was different,” says Emma.

Emma explains the complexity and differences which could most easily be described as:

● In Stockholm, the complete system was procured as a turnkey, from roadside equipment to creating a tax decision and managing the payments. The responsibility for delivery and coordination between subcontractors in the project lay on one single supplier.

Swedish Trafikverket & French SNCF use text to speech solutions from Acapela Group to improve passenger information & public announcements

Industry news, News  •  25 November 2010  •  Acapela Group

Vocal passenger information at Swedish railway stations has sometimes been unclear…