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TETRA set to take centre stage with a year of record growth

Industry news, News  •  17 April 2013  •  TETRA Association

Industry event to present complete capabilities of critical communications industry…

TETRA – taking care of metro transport

Issue 6 2010  •  15 December 2010  •  Phil Kidner, CEO, The TETRA Association

Travel on a metro, underground network, take the subway, the MRT (mass rapid transit) train – however you choose to describe the transport, chances are that you will be travelling in the company of TETRA communications. Millions of people are, every day.

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) technology is used throughout the world to deliver secure, reliable and robust critical communications. As well as being the public safety technology of choice for governments around the globe looking to protect their citizens, TETRA is used by an increasing number of commercial and industrial sectors. These include transportation and travel: airport, rail, metro, and taxi organisations; utilities, oil, gas and petro – chemical industries; commerce, retail and leisure; and major sporting events such as the Olympic Games.

The growing importance of the TETRA standard

Issue 2 2010, Past issues  •  11 May 2010  •  Phil Kidner, CEO, TETRA Association

Today, TETRA is the most widely used open standard in its field, with recent industry figures showing that the technology has been implemented in some 114 countries around the world. TETRA’s major strength is the provision of highly resilient, functionally-rich mission-critical voice and data for public safety, public transportation (including heavy railways, light-rail, metros, trams, buses, seaports and airports), utilities, oil and gas, and a wide variety of other industrial and commercial organisations.

TETRA – Taking care of transport

Issue 5 2007, Past issues  •  6 October 2007  •  Phil Kidner, CEO TETRA Association

Across Europe and around the world, public private and commercial transport systems are managed, connected and protected by TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio), the digital trunked mobile radio standard. The TETRA standard was developed by ETSI to meet the needs of traditional Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) user organisations, and utilises a scalable architecture. This makes the technology accessible to a wide variety of network operators as the design enables cost-effective deployments, ranging from single site local area coverage, to multiple site wide area national and international coverage; the ideal choice for the transportation sector.

Globally, the TETRA market is experiencing strong growth. By end of Q1 2007, the number of reported TETRA contracts had grown 32 per cent since September 2006. TETRA is now used in 94 countries – 57 of which are outside Europe – with the fastest growth demonstrated in the Asia Pacific (57 per cent) and Middle East (34 per cent) regions.