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Bombardier wins order to supply new generation MOVIA metro fleet for Stockholm

Industry news, News  •  6 June 2013  •  Bombardier

Bombardier Transportation has won an order from SL…

Ethanol – public transport’s future?

Issue 2 2005, Past issues  •  24 June 2005  •  Jonas Strömberg, Environmental Manager, Stockholm Public Transport Authority

Stockholm Public Transport (SL) has used ethanol buses (running on E95) since 1989. Our ethanol fleet today consists of approximately 250 ethanol buses and we plan to extend the fleet with some additional 120-130 buses in 2005 and 2006. Our main goal is to have 25 per cent of our 1,800 buses running on renewable fuels at the end of 2006. SL also has buses running on biogas and hydrogen.

Our long-term goal is to have a bus fleet comprised of 100% renewable fuel vehicles by 2030. SL has spent many years studying and testing the different options for meeting the future environmental demands on public transport (from all the varieties of renewable options to the different emission cleaning equipment available). Our conclusion at the moment is that biogas and ethanol are the most viable and economical ways to tackle both local and global emissions. Biogas however, is in very short supply and can only be used for a limited number of buses.