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Brussels orders its first electric bus

Industry news  •  3 August 2017  •  Eurotransport

The biggest public transport company in Brussels, STIB, has ordered the first electric buses to its fleet from Solaris.

Brussels transport authority STIB achieves the world’s largest single-type tram fleet

Industry news  •  17 March 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Brussels transport authority STIB (Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) has taken delivery of 220 Bombardier FLEXITY trams. STIB now officially owns the world’s largest single-type tram fleet, a milestone in the long term partnership of STIB and Bombardier Transportation.

Alcatel-Lucent installs largest fiber-optic network for automated rail services

Industry news, News  •  10 December 2013  •  Alcatel-Lucent

Fiber-optic city network in the world to be installed on forthcoming driverless citywide rail network in Brussels…

TETRA supplement

Issue 2 2013, Supplements  •  25 April 2013  •  Robin Davis, Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Philippe Soyez

Securing intermodal public transport communications with TETRA (Robin Davis, Chairman of the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA) Transportation Group)
STIB/MIVB plans further rollout of TETRA-network (Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Spectrum and Radio Project Manager, STIB/MIVB and Philippe Soyez, Programme Manager Digital Radio, STIB/MIVB)
Show preview: Critical Communications World 2013

TETRA Communications – Free to view supplement

Issue 2 2012, Supplements  •  1 May 2012  •  Robin Davis, Marc Van den Eede, Frédéric Jans-Cooremans

TETRA – meeting the current and future needs of public transport around the world (Robin Davis, Chairman of the TETRA + Critical Communications Transportation Group)
Brussels metro communicates via TETRA (Marc Van den Eede, Administrative Manager of Telecommunication Tender Specifications and Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Head of Traffic Telecom Department, STIB/MIVB)
Show Preview (TETRA World Congress 2012)

Ticket to Kyoto: 5 European partners, 1 goal

Issue 1 2011  •  25 February 2011  •  GMPTE (Manchester), moBiel (Bielefeld), RATP (Paris), RET (Rotterdam) and STIB (Brussels)

Five European public transport companies have joined forces in a four-year project against climate change. With concrete energy saving measures they aim to introduce the principle of low CO2 emissions as the new standard for public transport companies. The name of the project: Ticket to Kyoto (T2K).

Ticket to Kyoto is a good example of pan- European cooperation in the public transport sector. The five partners work together constructively to exchange high level ideas, realise quick wins and draw-up long-term strategies from which all parties can benefit. Even though there are huge differences between the five public transport companies, synergy is the magic word. Half of the budget is provided by a grant from the INTERREG IVB NWE. The mixture of experiences, local cultures and day-to-day challenges enriches the outcome for the total project and for each partner individually.

Bombardier to Supply 65 Additional FLEXITY Outlook Trams for Brussels

Industry news, News  •  28 October 2010  •  Bombardier

The Brussels Transport Company STIB, has decided to confirm the acquisition of 65 bi-directional BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Outlook trams…

STIB: devoted and dedicated improvements

Issue 2 2008, Past issues  •  30 April 2008  •  Alain Flausch, Managing Director, STIB

The Brussels public transport company, STIB, has experienced a spectacular growth in passenger numbers during the last eight years. In addition to expanding its fleet and restructuring the metro, bus and tram networks, STIB has launched a number of studies with a view to expand the network in the highly-populated zones of the Brussels Capital Region.

STIB is the biggest urban public transport company in Belgium. It serves the 19 boroughs of the Brussels Capital Region as well as 10 other surrounding municipalities. It covers a surface area of 240km² and provides transportation for over 1.1 million inhabitants.

The MOBIB Brussels smart ticketing project

Issue 2 2008, Past issues  •  30 April 2008  •  Etienne Graindor, Smart-Card Project Manager, STIB

STIB, the main public transport operator in Brussels, has been involved with smart-ticketing for years, as a founder of the Calypso secure transactions EC supported project (1994-2002). Since June 2004, the main requirement of the Company Board has been to build a smart-ticketing system that is customer focused. Actually, the project was requested to be a strategic tool for marketing and to position the capital city public transport as a unique mobility partner of all facets of urban life.

So far, MOBIB, the Brussels smart-ticketing system, answers all kinds of possible interoperability scenarios, at national and international level, and is able to cope with a maximum of integration configurations, e.g. with other smart functions required in mobility environments (e.g. services, payment, etc).