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(((eTicket Germany is ready for the future

Issue 1 2013  •  28 February 2013  •  VDV-Kernapplikations GmbH & Co. KG

Public transport e-Ticketing in Germany started in the 19902 like in so many other nations. In those days, interested German public transport operators and authorities could not fall back on a nationwide standard for Electronic Fare Management (EFM). The result found about 35 different smartcard projects dotted all over Germany. Since then, there has been a dramatic change in passengers’ behaviour and requirements. Customers want to by their tickets quickly and simply and do not want to have to work their way through a complicated fare structure before they get the right ticket. So, in 2002, with funding from the German government, the Association of German Transport Companies (Verband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen (VDV)) started developing a standard for e-Ticketing in public transport.

All aboard for the (((eTicket Germany

Industry news, News  •  9 February 2011  •  Kontiki e.V.

Central topic of the 40th Kontiki Conference on 3–4 February 2011 in Frankfurt was the eTicketing strategy of the Deutsche Bahn AG (DB)…