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First Glasgow’s zero tolerance approach to vandalism delivers positive results

Industry news, News  •  2 July 2013  •  FirstGroup

First Glasgow confirmed that its zero tolerance approach to combating vandalism has produced some dramatic improvements…

First Glasgow announces £14 million investment in new buses

Industry news, News  •  15 May 2013  •  FirstGroup

First Glasgow has announced a £14.3 million investment in 89 brand new single decker buses.

New App makes bus travel easier for Glasgow customers

Industry news, News  •  8 May 2013  •  FirstGroup

Ahead of the launch of First Glasgow’s brand new bus network simpliCITY, the company is promoting the First Bus App…

First Glasgow confirms changes to its simplicity proposals

Industry news, News  •  18 March 2013  •  First Group

First Glasgow unveiled final plans for SimpliCITY, a new bus network for Glasgow…

Bus services in Glasgow set for major improvement

Industry news, News  •  19 February 2013  •  First Group

First Glasgow revealed plans that will significantly improve and simplify its bus network…