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Communication is key

Issue 3 2005, Past issues  •  19 September 2005  •  Roberto Cavalieri, UITP President and Managing Director of, Rome

Once again the public transport sector has been targeted by terrorism. After Tokyo, Madrid and Moscow, this time it was London, and it is only due to the very good organisation of the emergency teams and preparedness of British commuters that the number of victims, although still too high, did not rise further.

Mobility has become a crucial part of everyday life, so the London attack showed again how vital and important public transport is in our modern societies: the subway trains and platforms as well as the busses are parts of our living and working structures as the living rooms at home or the offices at work are. Targeting innocent commuters means to shock them while they are performing daily activities – harmless and without protection.

Public transport in Rome at a turning point

Issue 1 2005, Past issues  •  1 April 2005  •  Roberto Cavalieri, Chairman, European Committee, UITP, former General Manager, ATAC SpA, Managing Director, Met.Ro. SpA

Hosting the 56th UITP Congress and Exhibition this year is a clear sign of the major development the public transport sector has made in Rome.

It is therefore both a point of arrival and a new start. In recent years, Rome has managed to reform the municipal public transport system in accordance with the guidelines of the European Union, has thoroughly modernised its bus and tramway fleet, has finally started the procedures that will lead to new subway lines and has made the basic steps to unify the politics of private and public mobility not only on the political level, but also on an operational one. A paradigmatic change that only now starts bearing the first fruits and that, in the future, faces the challenge of presenting the new ‘Roman model’ on the national and international scene.