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A journey through ITSO

Issue 4 2005, Past issues  •  6 December 2005  •  Mike Eastham, General Manager and Head of Technology, ITSO and Peter Stoddart, Head of Marketing, ITSO

When looking back through previous ITSO articles in Eurotransport, I was struck by the number of times I have said “ITSO is coming”.The sentiment behind that was more a promise at that time, but now I can safely say “ITSO is coming” as a statement of fact. This article looks at some of the issues the ITSO journey has addressed and briefly gives an idea of progress.

Whilst not strictly an ITSO matter as ITSO does not run schemes, this is a pertinent question. Perhaps the answer lies in a simple question; What is it about smartcards that make them ideal for being part of local authority service delivery?

Smartcards and interoperability: one year on

Issue 1 2005, Past issues  •  1 April 2005  •  Peter Stoddart Head of Marketing, ITSO and Independent Consultant

In the very first issue of Eurotransport, I suggested that I come back after five years and review the beliefs that I postulated on smartcards and the need for interoperability. To be asked to do it after just 12 months posed an interesting question – was there anything to say? But I am a consultant so either way it shouldn’t be a problem!