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The ‘All Seeing Eye’!

Issue 4 2008, Past issues  •  18 August 2008  •  Peter Fry, Director, The CCTV Users Group

In my article in Issue 4 2007 of Eurotransport, I concentrated on technological developments in CCTV, and the relationship to transport systems. In this article, I want to ‘zoom out’ and review the wider picture, considering the role of CCTV in society, at the same time as focussing on the detailed implications for transport systems.

CCTV is ubiquitous, but surprisingly it still retains fantastic support by the vast majority of the public, despite all the talk by some organisations and high-profile individuals that Britain maybe sleepwalking into a surveillance society.

CCTV and video analytics for public transport

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  9 August 2007  •  Peter Fry, Head of CCTV Users Group

It is only weeks since the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow, and I cannot forget my group’s frantic activity as they were involved in supplying CCTV footage. Images of the events following the attacks in July 2005 – and being able to track and identify the suicide bombers – highlight just one important role CCTV plays throughout the UK.

Beyond any doubt, those incidents showed the critical importance that well managed CCTV systems can have in providing incontrovertible evidence. They also provided good quality images that helped the Police and courts bring the perpetrators to justice. These images came not only from town and city centre systems but from all facets of the public transport system; from London’s underground, buses, train stations, and now in the latest attacks the airport systems.