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Whitepaper: Automatic people counting systems

Whitepapers, Z homepage promo  •  1 October 2016  •  Acorel

In this whitepaper, find out more about big data and the future of public transport…

Case Study: Eurotech helps Stony Brook University track student transport

Whitepapers  •  4 April 2014  •  Eurotech

Eurotech has provided an automatic passenger counter and edge controller to Stony Brook University for their Smart Transit system. Powered by Eurotech technology, SBU Smart Transit is a Global Positioning system that tracks real-time bus and shuttle location and passenger occupancy campus-wide

Whitepaper: Accurate passenger and people counting with stereoscopic vision technology

Whitepapers  •  4 April 2014  •  Eurotech

In this whitepaper, Eurotech discuss how new technology is changing the transportation industry at a rapid pace, improving the ride for passengers and simplifying management tasks for transit operators.

Case Study: Counting passengers via the cloud

Whitepapers  •  4 April 2014  •  Eurotech

In this case study, Eurotech provides a cloud based automatic passenger counting (APC) system for TEB, a tramways operator running the busy line from Bergamo to Albino in Italy.

An interview with Eurotech webinar speaker David Barrett-Hague

Industry news  •  12 March 2014  •  Eurotransport

Eurotransport caught up with David Barrett-Hague at Eurotech and had a chance to ask him a few questions about Eurotech and the recent people counting webinar.

People Counting: Improve decision making, optimise services and increase customer satisfaction

Webinars  •  15 January 2014  •  Eurotech

This free webinar discusses the general principles involved in counting people and provide some examples of how counting people has brought benefits to both customers and service companies.