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Volvo Buses joins partnership with WWF

Industry news, News  •  17 February 2012  •  Volvo Buses

The cooperation is based on the Volvo Group’s commitment to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 30 million tons…

Cities today – defined by their metro systems

Issue 2 2005, Past issues  •  24 June 2005  •  Olof Persson, President, Mainline & Metros, Bombardier Transportation

Today, cities are growing and expanding, populations are increasing, and the need for improved, safer and modern mass transit is an absolute must. As populations extend to suburban areas to live and continue commuting to inner downtown areas to work, this need for efficient transportation has become the top priority for Government authorities. But just providing the vehicles to provide transportation is not enough.

As cities vie against one another (especially when competing for the chances to host events such as the Olympics, World Soccer matches and any other major events that attract foreign investments), mass transit suddenly becomes one of the distinguishing economic factors when decisions are being made.