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Final tests begin on Nottingham Express Transit extension

Industry news  •  5 August 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Final tests are currently underway on Phase Two of the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) tram extension.

Nottingham express transit: Phase Two gets underway

Issue 2 2012  •  25 April 2012  •  Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation, Nottingham City Council

NET Phase Two is the name for the planned expansion of Nottingham’s tram system, NET Line One, with two new lines to Clifton via Wilford and to Beeston via the QMC and Chilwell, otherwise known as Lines 2 and 3.

Construction on the new tram lines began in early-2012, and the extended system is expected to be complete and operational by the end of 2014.

The £570 million project will see the network extended to the south and south west, increasing the size of the system by approximately 10.5 miles (17.5km). When finished, it is estimated that the number of passenger journeys will rise from 9-10 million a year to more than 20 million a year.

The idea of reintroducing trams to Nottingham was first suggested in the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1988 that Nottingham Development Enterprise (NDE) put forward a concrete proposal arguing for a modern light transit system in order to boost the local economy and tackle traffic congestion.

NET Phase Two preferred bidder named

Industry news, News  •  29 March 2011  •  NET Phase Two

Nottingham City Council has selected Tramlink Nottingham as its preferred bidder to build two new tram lines to Clifton and Chilwell (NET Phase Two) and operate the extended tram network…