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Record punctuality achieved on Stockholm Metro

Industry news  •  26 September 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

The Stockholm Metro achieved a 98.5 percent punctuality rate in August 2016 marking 25 consecutive months of year-on-year improvement.

Introducing new rolling stock to Stockholm metro

Issue 1 2014  •  3 March 2014  •  Jermey Long, European Business, MTR Europe

MTR has a wealth of experience of successfully introducing new rolling stock around the world. In the UK, our joint venture LOROL (London Overground), oversaw the introduction of 244 new Bombardier vehicles between 2009 and 2011. We have also consulted on introducing new stock to Rio de Janeiro’s metro in Brazil, and in September 2013, the Hong Kong MTR also took delivery of a new set of 22 trains bought from China’s Changchun Railway Vehicles Co Ltd. In fact, my colleagues in Hong Kong have brought over 800 new units into service in the last 15 years. MTR has been operating, planning and maintaining the rolling stock in the Stockholm Metro since 2009 and our latest challenge is to introduce new rolling stock to Stockholm Metro’s Red Line…

On track to operate a world-class metro in Stockholm

Issue 3 2012  •  25 June 2012  •  Peter Viinapuu, CEO, MTR Stockholm

Operating on 108km of track, over three lines, and serving 100 stations, the underground metro network in Stockholm is far more than a mode of transport; it’s an absolutely critical piece of the puzzle that makes the city work. In a special interview for Eurotransport, Peter Viinapuu, CEO of MTR Stockholm, is keen to highlight the key aspects behind the goal of operating a world-class underground network.

“Public transport is like the water in the tap,” says Peter Viinapuu, CEO of MTR Stockholm. “It is only when it ceases to work properly that most people become aware of it. We take both our water supply and our public transport for granted. Put simply, underground trains should be on time, safe, secure and clean.”

But Peter and MTR Stockholm have far greater ambitions for the network. “We want to create a world-class under – ground network, and to do that it’s not enough to simply meet the passengers’ expectations,” says Peter.

“We want our passengers to actively and consciously choose to use the underground, because it is the best option.”