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Fires in tunnels – can the risks be designed out?

Issue 4 2011  •  18 August 2011  •  Dr. Fathi Tarada, Co-Chairman, World Road Association Working Group on ‘Air Quality, Fire and Ventilation’, Managing Director, Mosen Ltd and Eurotransport Editorial Board Member

The lorry fire that broke out on 26th July 2011 in the Brynglas Tunnel in South Wales caused severe traffic disruption for four days, and this has underscored the potential damage associated with tunnel fires. Could better design reduce the risks? The World Road Association (PIARC) will shortly be publishing a new report on design fires for tunnels, which will go some way towards clarifying how the tunnel fire risks can be assessed and managed. In particular, the report provides updated information on fire heat release rates and the timedevelopment of vehicle fires, based on experimental tests. However, for those seeking instant answers to design fires in tunnels, the report delivers some rather sobering conclusions: a universal design fire cannot be specified, because the probability and size of any fire is inherently unknown. The choice of design fire therefore needs to be made with some care – and there will always be a residual risk that a real fire will be greater than the design fire.

Mosen Ltd welcomes the arrival of Keith Meeks as Technical Director

Industry news, News  •  17 March 2011  •  Mosen Ltd

Tunnel safety and fire engineering company Mosen Ltd welcomes the arrival of Keith Meeks as Technical Director to their team…