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Automated Metros supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements  •  3 March 2014  •  Ramón Malla, Chris Cox, Miryam Hernández

TMB: four years of operating three automated lines
Copenhagen Metro: transforming city travel
Metro automation: a proven and scalable solution

Metro automation: A leap ahead

Issue 3 2012  •  25 June 2012  •  Miryam Hernández, Metro Division Manager, UITP

The UITP Observatory of Automated Metros held its 3rd Seminar in Paris in March 2012, where it presented its 2011 Atlas of automated metros – a detailed overview of the metro automation landscape and an analysis of future trends. This article presents a selection of the Atlas data, as well as a snapshot of some of the discussions held during the Seminar itself.

Worldwide automation landscape: Unattended Train Operation (UTO) is a widespread, proven solution. Twenty-five cities have opted for automated metros, in all four continents. The highest prevalence is in Asia and Europe – but North America, and more recently Latin America and the Middle East, are also developing automated metro systems.

UTO is associated with innovation, and sometimes the public belief is that this is a very recent development. However, the first UTO lines date from 1981. With 30 years of operating experience, automated systems have proven their maturity and accumulated extensive operating experience.

There are currently 588km of automated metro in operation, on 41 lines that together serve 585 stations. Some of the longest metro lines in the world are actually automated.

Platform Screen Doors supplement (free to view)

Issue 4 2011, Supplements  •  23 August 2011  •  Miryam Hernández, Junior Manager, Metro Division, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

Miryam Hernández from the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) asks whether platform screen doors are the system of choice when considering platform/track protection systems.

Championing the case for automated metros

Issue 2 2010, Past issues  •  11 May 2010  •  Miryam Hernández, Junior Manager - Metro Activities, International Association for Public Transport (UITP)

Forty years after the implementation of the first pioneering systems, there are now over 500km of automated lines in operation, distributed among 57 lines in 43 cities and 13 airports. Although the U.S. championed the concept with the development of small-scale systems serving university communities, airports and parks, the use of UTO (Unattended Train Operation) for public transport service was first introduced in Japan (Osaka, Kobe) and France (Lille) in the 80s.