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Deploying effective ITS to meet the mobility needs for people and goods

Issue 5 2010  •  28 October 2010  •  Mike Schofield, Chairman, ITS (UK)

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are usually defined as the application of information and communication technology to surface transport modes. As one would expect, ITS is a fast moving sector with research progressing all the time, and new developments being continuously implemented.

ITS United Kingdom is the UK association for those who work in ITS, whether in the public, private or academic sectors. ITS (UK) pulls together the clients, suppliers, designers and researchers at all levels, and provides an open forum for information exchange. ITS (UK) also works to define and promote the benefits of investing in and maintaining ITS for the benefit of travellers and freight operators.

Using smart technology to deliver best value

Issue 1 2010, Past issues  •  22 February 2010  •  Mike Schofield, Chairman, ITS United Kingdom

ITS United Kingdom is the UK society for everybody who works in the intelligent transport systems (ITS) sector. ITS can be defined as the integration of information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users. Everyday examples of ITS are urban traffic management systems, in-car sat-nav systems, security camera systems on train stations, and dynamic passenger information displays at bus stops. The professionals involved in developing, designing, implementing, maintaining and using these systems have their information sharing, learning and networking needs met by ITS United Kingdom. ITS (UK) has around 160 corporate members which translate into some 800 individuals who take an active part in some or all of the society’s activities.