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HOCHTIEF expands subway network in Copenhagen for EUR 150 million

Industry news  •  11 June 2014  •  HOCHTIEF Infrastructure GmbH

Joint venture to construct two tunnels and Nordhavn subway station…

Automated Metros supplement 2014

Issue 1 2014, Supplements  •  3 March 2014  •  Ramón Malla, Chris Cox, Miryam Hernández

TMB: four years of operating three automated lines
Copenhagen Metro: transforming city travel
Metro automation: a proven and scalable solution

TBM ready for launch in Copenhagen

Issue 3 2013  •  3 July 2013  •  Erik Skotting, Director (COO), Metroselskabet

The first Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is ready to start tunnelling on Copenhagen’s new metro line – the City Circle Line, or Cityringen. The Cityringen contract was awarded in January 2011 and the main construction work started in the following summer. The contract covers 15.5km of twin-bored tunnels, 17 stations and three shaft structures as well as a new Control and Maintenance Centre. In summer 2013, the first TBM will start the tunnelling from one of the three shafts – 40m underground at the work site in Nørrebroparken.

Developing high-class public transport is a contributor to sustainable growth

Issue 3 2011  •  22 June 2011  •  Rebekka Nymark, Head of Development, Metroselskabet

Public transport transforms and develops cities, it delivers on a number of political goals at the local and national levels and we are important players when global issues such as climate change are addressed. As public transport operators, we become successful when we manage to deliver beyond a merely supply-driven transportation and address key challenges linked to demographic change, urban congestion, climate change, and as an asset in the global competition for investments and qualified labour.

In spite of strained public finances and a global economic decline, infrastructure development is placed high on the political agenda. Public investment commitments in infrastructure projects in and around Copenhagen are currently at a historic high of around 80 billion kroner, including new and improved railway lines linking Copenhagen with its surroundings (finished by 2018), the Femern Belt Tunnel which includes a railway line linking Denmark and Germany and a developed land area at Rødbyhavn in connection with the tunnel (finished by 2020), and a new metro line, the Cityring, with 17 new underground stations in Copenhagen (finished by 2018).

Underground operations of the Copenhagen Metro

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 June 2008  •  Torben Johansen, Technical Director, Metroselskabet I/S

This article gives an introduction to the Copenhagen City Metro and a brief overview of both running and planned extension projects.

The Copenhagen Metro has two lines which run from suburban Vanløse to Vestamager and the Airport, both situated on the island of Amager. The first two parts opened in 2002 and 2003 respectively and the extension from Lergravsparken, which link the first two parts of the Metro with the Copenhagen Airport, opened in late 2007. It takes 23 minutes to travel through the entire system, though most passengers spend a maximum of 6-7 minutes at a time in the Metro. The lines cover 21km – 10km in tunnels and 11km on elevated tracks and embankments.