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Greater Manchester’s bus priority package

Issue 6 2015  •  17 December 2015  •  Peter Boulton, Head of Programme Management, TfGM

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is currently making one of the largest investments in Greater Manchester’s bus network for decades. Over 25 miles of the bus network are being either created or improved as part of a £122 million ‘bus priority package’ to improve bus connections on three key corridors into the city centre. As TfGM’s Head of Programme Management Peter Boulton explains, this major transport scheme has been designed to focus on three key bus corridors and represents a major commitment to ensuring that bus passengers across the conurbation enjoy quicker and more reliable bus journeys for decades to come.

Chancellor outlines plans to devolve power for city transport

Industry news  •  20 May 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

In a speech given by Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne on building Northern Powerhouse, the government’s plans to devolve power for city transport were outlined.

TfGM’s commitment to building on the progress made so far

Issue 2 2012  •  25 April 2012  •  Michael Renshaw, Bus & Rail Director, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM)

The bus has a crucial role to play in keeping our economy upwardly mobile, which is why Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has laid solid foundations for long-term improvements to the region’s services.

Approximately 80% of all public transport journeys in Greater Manchester are made by bus – around 225 million a year. They are made on more than 600 different bus services, which are operated by around 50 different companies.

Our role is to oversee these services to ensure the focus is firmly on achieving the very best for passengers in what is an often complex and challenging network and market.

That is why we have launched a number of exciting initiatives designed to drive up standards in order to give passengers the confidence and comfort that comes with consistency.

And it’s that word – consistency – that underpins our ambitions for the Greater Manchester’s bus network.

We recently launched a ‘Supplier Rating System’ designed to measure the quality of a bus operator’s service against priorities that are important to passengers, before they can even start to bid to run a subsidised service on our behalf.

An ambitious future for Manchester’s Metrolink

Issue 2 2011  •  6 May 2011  •  Philip Purdy. Director of Metrolink, Transport for Greater Manchester

Bringing people together is one of the greatest benefits of any transport system, and here in Manchester, we’re transforming the city’s iconic Metrolink service to connect passengers with new areas across the region. New routes, new trams and new ticket machines are only part of the ambitious work currently being delivered, which will almost triple the network’s size and improve the passenger experience.

If you take a stroll across Manchester city centre, the chances are you’ll see one of the new yellow and silver M5000 trams that have arrived on the Metrolink network in the past year, bringing a splash of colour to the city.

First introduced in December 2009, the new trams form part of a wider package of improvements across the existing system – owned by Transport for Greater Manchester (formerly GMPTE) and operated by Stagecoach – and are symbolic of the huge changes that are taking place to extend Metrolink into new areas.