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Taking action to cater for all groups of passengers

Issue 6 2013  •  16 December 2013  •  Damjan Kregar, Transport Operations Senior Manager, LPP

The city of Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and has approximately 260,000 inhabitants. But in the Ljubljana Urban Region (LUR), the number of inhabitants is much higher. The LUR covers 9% of Slovenian territory and around 20% of the entire Slovenian urban population. Alongside the Municipality of Ljubljana (MOL) there are an additional 25 municipalities in this area.

LPP – the passenger transport company of Ljubljana – is nowadays a modern company embracing its 112 years of tradition. It is a public company owned by Public Holding Ljubljana, the MOL and some adjoining municipalities of the LUR. Currently, the company owns 63 buses for regional transport and 208 buses for city transport, operating on 27 city lines, 19 integrated lines and 14 regional lines. There are approximately 357km of city lines, 300km of integrated lines, and around 400km of regional lines – so all-in-all, approximately 1,057km of lines within the LUR region.

The company employs more than 850 staff, the majority of which are drivers (around 600 of them) and more than 120 mechanical and maintenance employees.

Implementing long-term goals for the city of Ljubljana

Issue 6 2008, Past issues  •  18 January 2009  •  Darja Krstic, Director, LLP

The most important task of Ljubljanski potniški promet d.o.o. (LPP) is to ensure comfortable and undisturbed public transport for the Municipality of Ljubljana and the 16 suburban municipalities. Our goal is to make bus transportation the best alternative to the personal car.

There are approximately 1,000 employees in LPP striving to provide modern, comfortable, safe and reliable transportation to the citizens of Ljubljana, as well as those living in suburban municipalities, who come to work or school in Ljubljana on a daily basis. By purchasing new, modern, air-conditioned and environmentally friendly buses, providing regular training for our drivers, timetable optimisation and many other projects and measures, we are already able to provide quality public transportation services. By implementing our long-term goals, we will ensure that public transport in Ljubljana and the surrounding areas becomes even more reliable and comfortable and thus the best choice for travelling around the city.