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TfL set to launch new bus sensor technology trial for improved road safety

Industry news  •  4 August 2014  •  Transport for London

Transport for London confirmed that trials of detection software to enhance bus driver awareness of pedestrians and cyclists, will start later this month as part of a continued drive to improve road safety in the capital…

Bus safety statistics now available online in latest TfL open data move

Industry news  •  23 June 2014  •  Transport for London

Transport for London is reinforcing its commitment to further improving transparency for customers and stakeholders by publishing detailed bus safety data on its website on a quarterly basis…

Annual passenger journeys on London’s buses top 2.4 billion

Industry news  •  15 May 2014  •  Transport for London

London’s bus network carried more passengers in 2013/14 than in any year since 1959, with over 2.4 billion journeys made…

TfL confirms introduction of cash free bus travel from Sunday 6 July

Industry news  •  10 April 2014  •  Transport for London

Transport for London has announced that cash fares will no longer be accepted on London buses from Sunday 6 July…

Groundbreaking safety technology trials on London buses to start this summer

Industry news  •  31 March 2014  •  Transport for London

The Mayor and Transport for London have announced that London Buses will carry out a groundbreaking trial of innovative detection software this summer…

London’s route 148 to be served by new Routemasters

Industry news  •  12 February 2014  •  Transport for London

From Saturday 15 February route 148 will become the latest in the capital to be served entirely by New Routemasters…

London buses to go cashless from mid-2014

Industry news  •  3 February 2014  •  Transport for London

Transport for London has announced that it is to stop accepting cash fares on London buses from summer 2014…

TfL consults on proposals to stop accepting cash fare payments on London buses

Industry news, News  •  19 August 2013  •  Transport for London (TfL)

“It costs £24 million a year to accept cash on buses…”

Mayor confirms next two routes to be served by New Bus for London

Industry news, News  •  6 August 2013  •  Transport for London (TfL)

Route 9 and 390 to convert to iconic new buses before end of year…

London Mayor announces next bus route to be served by new electric hybrid buses

Industry news, News  •  29 May 2013  •  TfL

The Mayor of London announced the second route in the capital to be served entirely by iconic New Bus for London vehicles…

Seventy per cent of the capital’s bus stops now fully accessible

Industry news, News  •  1 February 2013  •  Transport for London (TfL)

TfL has announced that the plan to greatly improve the accessibility of bus stops has reached its first milestone 2 months early…

TfL’s real time bus information service makes millions of journeys easier in its first year

Industry news, News  •  16 October 2012  •  Transport for London (TfL)

TfL’s real time bus information service has dealt with more than 620 million requests…

Bus travel in London at 50 year high

Industry news, News  •  21 July 2012  •  Transport for London (TfL)

London Buses carried more than 2.3 billion passengers and travelled 490 million kilometres last year – the highest number in 50 years…

New look London Bridge bus station unveiled in time for the London 2012 Games and beyond

Industry news, News  •  19 July 2012  •  Transport for London (TfL)

London Bridge bus station transformed into modern, spacious key interchange…

First passengers jump aboard the new bus for London

Industry news, News  •  27 February 2012  •  Transport for London (TfL)

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to deliver manifesto pledge to introduce a 21st century bus…

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