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Safety & Security supplement 2014

Issue 2 2014, Supplements  •  30 April 2014  •  Jonas Brandt, Maria Hjohlman, David Roney, Geoff Dunmore

In our latest free-to-view Safety & Security supplement, fire researchers from the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden assess the dangers of fires breaking-out on-board buses; James Kelly from the BSIA takes a look at the importance of CCTV in the industry; David Roney from the British Transport Police tells how the force keep the UK’s railways safe; and Independent Transport Consultant Geoff Dunmore looks at how transport organisations should prepare for and manage networks during major events…

Security supplement

Issue 1 2013, Supplements  •  5 March 2013  •  Ian Craig, Robert Montgomery, Ietze Van Der Meer

Keep metal thieves at a red signal
(James Kelly, Chief Executive, British Security Industry Association (BSIA))
Making metro vehicles a less attractive target for terrorists
(Conor O’Neill, Rail Vehicles Group Manager, NewRail, Newcastle University)
Meeting current and future security challenges on the DLR
(Bob Gough, Operational Security Manager, Serco Docklands)

Safety & Security Supplement (free to view)

Issue 1 2012, Supplements  •  29 February 2012  •  James Abbott, James Kelly, Thierry Guinard

Sophisticated control keeps urban crowds moving (James Abbott, Technical Editor)
CCTV surveillance in focus for transport security (James Kelly, Chief Executive, British Security Industry Association)
Safety can’t wait! (Thierry Guinard, Safety and System Senior Engineer for Keolis LRT and Metro Department)