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Canada’s Prime Minister announces investment in light rail network

Industry news  •  16 June 2017  •  Eurotransport

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau has announced a investment of $1.28 billion to support the Réseau électrique métropolitain light rail network.

New Zealand government to invest $436 in Auckland City Rail Link

Industry news  •  5 June 2017  •  Eurotransport

In New Zealand’s government budget 2017, $436 million will be provided for Auckland’s City Rail Link (CRL).

Stagecoach places £70 million order

Industry news  •  13 April 2017  •  Eurotransport

Stagecoach Group has announced that is has placed a £70 million order for a new fleet of 340 vehicles to be introduced in 2017/18.

‘Significant additional funding’ for transport confirmed in Autumn Statement

Industry news  •  24 November 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

On 23 November, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond pledged ‘Significant additional funding’ for transport networks in his Autumn Statement to Parliament.

EIB to provide €200m loan for Ukraine public transport infrastructure upgrade

Industry news  •  14 November 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

The European Investment Bank has announced a €200 million loan to support the upgrade of public transport infrastructure in 20 Ukraine municipalities.

Consultation begins on the future of transport systems in West Yorkshire

Industry news  •  18 July 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Members of the public can now have their say on the future of transport in West Yorkshire with the launch of a 3-month consultation.

Running efficient public transport in Pilsen

Issue 6 2013  •  16 December 2013  •  Michal Kraus, General Manager, PMDP

Pilsen is the fourth-largest city in the Czech Republic. A strong industrial, commercial, cultural and administrative centre, the city holds a dominant position in western Bohemia. The municipal public transportation operator serving the city of Pilsen and the suburban area is Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s. – PMDP – a company solely owned by the City of Pilsen. The company’s history dates as far back as 1899 when electric trams first operated in the streets of Pilsen. Public transportation in Pilsen is notable for its high quality – the city’s 171,000 residents are served by a dense network of 42 transportation routes operating at short intervals, with 15.1 million vehicle kilometres travelled per year. A major feature of Pilsen’s public transportation is its low environmental impact. Two-thirds of all kilometres travelled are carried out by trams and trolleybuses, and buses mainly serve the outskirts of the city.
Traffic control system

In 2006, PMDP formulated a vision to fundamentally modernise traffic control and information technology in Pilsen’s public transportation network by applying the latest ITS technology. This vision was reflected in a list of projects titled ‘Comprehensive control of public transportation vehicles in Pilsen’, with the implementation of the ‘PMDP dynamic traffic control’ project forming the cornerstone of this concept.

Investments to reinforce public transport

Issue 3 2011  •  22 June 2011  •  Göran Gunnarsson, Managing Director and CEO, SL (Stockholm Public Transport)

The Stockholm Region is the largest growth region in Sweden and the population is increasing by almost 30,000 people a year. For all of these people to be able to live, work and travel in the county, an efficient and expansive public transport system equipped to meet current and future demands is essential.

Stockholm is extremely dependent on public transport. Every day, approximately 700,000 people rely on Stockholm Public Transport (SL) to travel in and out of the city centre. During the peak rush hour, almost 80% of all trips to or from the city centre are taken by underground, commuter train, local rail or bus.

Metro: a ticket to opportunity for the rail industry

Issue 6 2008, Past issues  •  18 January 2009  •  Ken Mackay, Director of Rail and Infrastructure, Nexus

Tyne and Wear Metro owner, Nexus, is to invest £300 million modernising the 30-year-old system, which will include the market-testing of trains and station services. In an interview for Eurotransport, Ken Mackay, Director of Rail and Infrastructure for Nexus, explains how the investment programme will provide a step change in comfort and reliability for their passengers.

Tyne and Wear Metro can claim both a significant ‘first’ and ‘last’ in the UK rail industry. It was Britain’s first modern light rail system when it opened in 1980, and it is now the only railway in Britain entirely owned and operated within the state sector. But things could soon be changing. Metro is to be completely modernised in an investment programme worth more than £300 million.