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How might the future of British transport change post-election?

Transport Extra, Z homepage promo  •  17 May 2017  •  Justin Fox

With all the uproar following the Brexit referendum nearly a year ago, you could be forgiven for thinking that the UK’s divorce from the EU was the only political issue of any significance at the moment. Whilst it is undeniably the most important – given that the knock-on effects will be felt for decades to come – we can’t afford not to properly scrutinise the other policies of those seeking to represent us. For your interest and convenience, Justin Fox explains what the three main political parties in the country are proposing with relation to public transport.

New light rail networks key to spreading the benefits of HS2

Industry news  •  21 July 2014  •  Citypress

Report provides a blueprint for a ‘hub and spoke’ approach to regional transport…

Birmingham’s HS2 station must deliver direct services to Europe

Industry news, News  •  25 June 2013  •  Centro

Members of the region’s transport authority say Birmingham’s city centre high speed station must be world class…