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Public unveiling of first C2 metro train

Industry news  •  21 February 2014  •  Siemens

Siemens and the Munich transport corporation presented the first of the new C2 series trains to the public in Munich…

First Munich metro train leaves the Vienna plant

Industry news, News  •  29 April 2013  •  Siemens

The first train for the new Munich metro has rolled out of the production plant in Vienna, Austria…

Listening to passengers to focus on safety improvements

Issue 1 2009, Past issues  •  30 March 2009  •  Herbert König, Chairman of the Board, MVG and Günter Pedall, Head of Metro, MVG

A high level of objective and subjective safety builds an essential portion of the attractiveness of public transportation. For this reason, the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) has established a safety concept with two goals: its passengers should a) be safe and should b) feel safe.

Whereas the objective state of safety with respect to police criminal statistics is easy to assess, the feeling of personal safety on behalf of the passengers cannot be deduced from the official numbers. For this reason, MVG commissioned a study on the ‘Subjective Feeling of Safety’ of its U-Bahn customers. This study should determine how the passengers would grade the state of safety in the U-Bahn, what they think of the previous safety measures taken by MVG and what areas could be improved. The study also presents the adjustment of assessed values of an almost identical study conducted in 2001.