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Safe guarding the public with surveillance systems

Issue 1 2008, Past issues  •  15 February 2008  •  Henrik Virro, Project Manager for CCTV & Security, SL

Everyday more than 700,000 people travel with SL – Stockholm’s public transportation company. SL is the head principal for land-based public transportation (commuter trains, light rail, buses and metro) within the Stockholm region.

This means that SL doesn’t operate any trains or buses themselves, instead they engage transportation companies such as Veolia, Swebus and Busslink (among others) to operate the actual traffic. SL has approximately 500 employees but the SL traffic involves more than 10,000 persons, the major part employed through the transportation companies.

Securing Stockholm

Issue 1 2007, Past issues  •  17 February 2007  •  Henrik Virro, Project Manager, SL

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), the regional transport authority responsible for running metro, buses, commuter trains and local railways in Sweden’s capital city, is in the process of improving security across its network.

The ‘Security Project’ is designed to raise security for the travelling public as well as SL’s workers. The project includes the installation of a new video and alarm management system, which will be installed at all stations in the Stockholm metro system by October 2007. It also involves the installation of CCTV cameras across SL’s fleet of buses. According to SL, the project intends to: minimise the number of robberies and attacks; help provide the police with proof of crimes; reduce the cost of vandalism; reduce the numbers of injuries and deaths; increase the sense of security for SL travellers and personnel; shorten response times in alarm situations; minimise false alarms; and minimise public transport disruption. Christian Shelton spoke to Henrik Virro, Project Manager at SL, to find out more.