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Safety & Security supplement 2014

Issue 2 2014, Supplements  •  30 April 2014  •  Jonas Brandt, Maria Hjohlman, David Roney, Geoff Dunmore

In our latest free-to-view Safety & Security supplement, fire researchers from the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden assess the dangers of fires breaking-out on-board buses; James Kelly from the BSIA takes a look at the importance of CCTV in the industry; David Roney from the British Transport Police tells how the force keep the UK’s railways safe; and Independent Transport Consultant Geoff Dunmore looks at how transport organisations should prepare for and manage networks during major events…

Securing our future

Issue 3 2010, Past issues  •  30 June 2010  •  Geoff Dunmore, Chair of UITP Security Commission and Operational Security Manager, London Underground

2008 marked a turning point in the history of humanity. For the first time ever, more than half of the population (3.3 billion people) of the world now lives in urban areas. This figure is set to rise to five billion by 2030. This trend challenges the way urban spaces function. With mobility an essential element to support economic activity and social inclusion, and with many cities around the world already in gridlock due to congestion, public transport is a key part of the solution for greener, cleaner and more prosperous cities.

Safety and security on London Underground

Issue 2 2007, Past issues  •  19 April 2007  •  Geoff Dunmore, Operational Security Manager, London Underground Limited

The attacks of 7 July and subsequent events were unprecedented in the history of Transport for London. In its 143-year history, the Underground has faced many threats to its security, most notably from Irish Republican terrorism. Safety and security of passengers is London Underground’s top priority. Robust procedures have been developed over a number of years with the police and the security services and these remain under constant review.

London Underground has become one of the world leaders in transport counter-terrorism measures and has developed staff practices and procedures which are now part of daily Tube operations and has also incorporated many design features in the Underground infrastructure.