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RATP Dev wins contract to operate the Valenciennes city network

Industry news  •  25 November 2014  •  RATP Dev

SITURV, the transport authority for the Valenciennes city and region (France) transport network, has announced its decision to award the contract to RATP Dev to operate its Transvilles network connecting 81 municipalities in its two associations of metropolitan areas (Valenciennes Métropole and Porte du Hainaut) and their 350,000 inhabitants…

Shenyang tramway network operated by RATP Dev and Transdev enters service

Industry news, News  •  15 August 2013  •  RATP Dev

Service began simultaneously on lines 1, 2 and 5 of the Shenyang tramway network on 15 August 2013…

RATP Dev sets new standard in Algeria with launch of Constantine tramway

Industry news, News  •  5 July 2013  •  bcm public relations

Transport Minister Mr Amar Tou officially launched the Constantine tramway on 4th July 2013…