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ITS & Traffic Management supplement

Issue 4 2012, Supplements  •  30 August 2012  •  Eurotransport

ERTICO РITS Europe’s activities in public transport: Taking a holistic approach to mass transit (Hermann Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, ERTICO РITS Europe)
Technologies and components for bus, metro and tram (ITS (UK))
New ITS ecosystem to play remarkable role in future urban transport in Finland (Kimmo Ylisiurunen, Secretary General, ITS Finland)

Real-Time Passenger Information supplement

Issue 3 2012, Supplements  •  26 June 2012  •  Stephen Morris, General Manger, Bus Users UK / David Brown, Chair, RTIG

RTPI systems – helping to remove the barrier to bus use (Stephen Morris, General Manger, Bus Users UK)
Public transport technology: another one will be along in a minute (David Brown, Chair, RTIG)

Interview spotlight: Anna Marie Damgaard Kristensen & Ernest Fuller, Focon Electronic Systems ApS

Interviews, Issue 2 2012  •  2 May 2012  •  Craig Waters, Editor

Craig Waters, Eurotransport Editor, speaks to Anna Marie Damgaard Kristensen & Ernest Fuller from Focon Electronic Systems ApS…