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Putting passengers at the heart of transport design

Transport Extra  •  16 September 2016  •  Linda McCord, Senior Passenger Manager, Transport Focus

Linda McCord explains that getting feedback from passengers on what they want from their travel experience goes a long way to improving passenger satisfaction…

Running efficient public transport in Pilsen

Issue 6 2013  •  16 December 2013  •  Michal Kraus, General Manager, PMDP

Pilsen is the fourth-largest city in the Czech Republic. A strong industrial, commercial, cultural and administrative centre, the city holds a dominant position in western Bohemia. The municipal public transportation operator serving the city of Pilsen and the suburban area is Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky, a.s. – PMDP – a company solely owned by the City of Pilsen. The company’s history dates as far back as 1899 when electric trams first operated in the streets of Pilsen. Public transportation in Pilsen is notable for its high quality – the city’s 171,000 residents are served by a dense network of 42 transportation routes operating at short intervals, with 15.1 million vehicle kilometres travelled per year. A major feature of Pilsen’s public transportation is its low environmental impact. Two-thirds of all kilometres travelled are carried out by trams and trolleybuses, and buses mainly serve the outskirts of the city.
Traffic control system

In 2006, PMDP formulated a vision to fundamentally modernise traffic control and information technology in Pilsen’s public transportation network by applying the latest ITS technology. This vision was reflected in a list of projects titled ‘Comprehensive control of public transportation vehicles in Pilsen’, with the implementation of the ‘PMDP dynamic traffic control’ project forming the cornerstone of this concept.

Trend-setting solutions for public urban transport of the future

Industry news, News  •  10 February 2011  •  Trapeze

Trapeze develops complete solutions for public & private transport companies worldwide. Its innovative, high-quality solutions & products are perfect its customers…