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Transtech to deliver 49 ForCity Smart Artic trams to Helsinki

Industry news  •  22 December 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Eurotransport

Subsidiary of Škoda Transportation, Transtech is to deliver 49 ForCity Smart Artic Trams for operation in Helsinki.

Construction of Tampere light rail project to begin following implementation agreement

Industry news  •  30 November 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Eurotransport

An implementation agreement has been signed allowing construction of the Tampere light rail project to commence in the first half of 2017.

Automated buses on the streets of Helsinki generate attention

Industry news  •  19 August 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Automated buses have begun operation on the streets of Helsinki, Finland, during a trial coordinated by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

West Metro – Finland’s biggest infrastructure project

Issue 3 2016  •  20 June 2016  •  Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO of Helsinki City Transport and Matti Kokkinen, CEO of Länsimetro Oy

The West Metro project is the biggest infrastructure project in Finland, extending Helsinki’s metro network to the city of Espoo. In the project’s first phase, eight new stations will be constructed with a further five built during the second phase. The metro will operate on 21km of underground lines in two parallel tunnels constructed through tough rock infrastructure. Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO of Helsinki City Transport and Matti Kokkinen, CEO of Länsimetro Oy, share further information about the project as the first construction phase is due to be completed in August 2016…

Winter Operations Supplement 2015

Issue 5 2015, Supplements  •  2 November 2015  •  John Gorman, Michael Andersson

John Gorman from First Scotland East and Michael Andersson from Helsingin Bussiliikenne Oy (HelB), discuss that, ultimately, the work never ends when planning and preparing for continuous operations during harsh winter months…

Foreword: Enhancing city public transportation in Finland

Issue 3 2014  •  4 July 2014  •  Henna Virkkunen, Minister of Transport and Local Government for Finland

A well-functioning public transportation system in big cities is the cornerstone for an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable urban society. Finland has set an ambitious goal of increasing public transportation usage with a target of 200 million new trips by 2022. For Eurotransport, Henna Virkkunen, Minister of Transport and Local Government for Finland, explains that most of the new trips will take place in big cities and to achieve the goal, improvements in the service level are required: public transportation has to be genuinely competitive in comparison with private cars. The public transportation system has to be seamless and synchronised, with up-to-date passenger information easily available…

A new tram for Helsinki – designed for demanding conditions

Issue 3 2013  •  3 July 2013  •  Matti Lahdenranta, Managing Director, HKL – Helsinki City Transport

The tram is the main mode of public transport within the Helsinki inner city and approximately 200,000 passengers per day use the extensive network. Helsinki City Transport (HKL) is increasing and modernising its tram fleet over the next five years, as the network will be extended and the oldest tram generation in Helsinki is coming to the end of its life cycle.