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European Bus Forum – Live blog

Transport Extra  •  23 June 2016  •  Graham Ellis

Graham Ellis provided live coverage of this year’s European Bus Forum produced by Eurotransport. The one day conference hosted by Transport for Greater Manchester brought together over 250 delegates across the European bus industry…

Author Preview: Brussels is modernising and extending its metro network

Transport Extra  •  25 February 2016  •  Luc Bioul and Luc Derie , STIB

Luc Bioul and Luc Derie of Brussels Public Transport company (STIB) will contribute a joint-article to Eurotransport Issue 2 2016 about how the Belgian capital is working towards improving its metro network. Here, the authors give a quick overview of the modernisation plans which will be expanded on in their article…

Automated Metro Trains – Can they work in London?

Transport Extra  •  18 February 2016  •  Graham Ellis

In his latest blog for Eurotransport, Graham Ellis examines the viability of introducing automated metro trains in London and discovers how the option is being realised in other European cities.

What does the Editor think?

Transport Extra  •  11 February 2016  •  Eurotransport

We’ve collated a selection of questions from Eurotransport readers to put to Editor Craig Waters. Here are his thoughts on current and future trends…

Eurotransport 2016 upcoming features

Transport Extra  •  4 February 2016  •  Craig Waters, Editor

We’ve some exciting print-editorial plans during 2016 in Eurotransport, and here’s a quick Editor-overview of some standout features and authors:

Eurotransport top 10 stories of 2015

Transport Extra  •  29 January 2016  •  Eurotransport

2015 was an exciting year for the industry, with appearance of new ticketing and vehicle technologies, improvements in city transport flow and intermodality and a renewed focus on the environment. Eurotransport has put together industry highlights from 2015 based on what our readers have been looking at the most…

Exclusive Online-Only Interview with George Ferguson, Mayor of the city of Bristol

Industry news  •  25 April 2014  •  Eurotransport & Robin Whitlock

In an exclusive online-only interview for Eurotransport, directly elected Bristol Mayor George Ferguson highlights the challenges of trying to solve Bristol’s congestion problems…

RTIG community group joins Eurotransport Editorial Board

Industry news  •  16 January 2014  •  Eurotransport

We are pleased to announce that Mark Cartwright has joined the Editorial Board of Eurotransport…

Eurotransport welcomes new Editorial Board Member

Industry news  •  14 January 2014  •  Eurotransport

We are pleased to announce that Thomas Kritzer has joined the Editorial Board of Eurotransport…