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Ticketing supplement 2013

Issue 6 2013, Supplements  •  17 December 2013  •  Lindsay Robertson, Erik Kolbjørnsen, Philippe Vappereau

ITSO-compliant ticketing takes another step forward
New vehicles and ticketing technology enhance bus transport in Coventry
Giving passengers what they want
The CNA – proud to be the frontrunning initiator

Norwegian public transport boom

Issue 4 2013  •  22 August 2013  •  Erik Kolbjørnsen, Head of Electronic Tickets, Ruter As

The Norwegian capital region has in recent years become Europe’s most rapidly growing metropolitan area. A 2% annual population growth is outbalanced by a 5% growth in public transport journeys. Figures from 2012 indicate a 29% increase on 2007, whereas private car use in Oslo itself remains stable at 2005 levels.

Ruter is the public transport authority for the city of Oslo and the surrounding county of Akershus. Almost a quarter of the Norwegian population lives in the area served by Ruter. Approximately 300 million public transport journeys a year represent almost 60% of all public transport journeys made in Norway.
Substantial traffic growth and increasing market shares

Ruter was established in 2008 as the result of a merger between the previously separate public transport authorities belonging to the two counties making up the Oslo region. Since then there has been a substantial increase in passenger numbers.

There is a broad political agreement on the ambition that public transport should capture the greater part of the overall growth in motorised transport.