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Accessible local public transport: A major contribution to comprehensive societal mobility

Issue 1 2013  •  4 March 2013  •  Dr Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Germany

The desire to be independently mobile is a wish that people cherish throughout their lives. They want to enjoy mobility that is as unrestricted as possible, and today this is unimaginable without local public transport. At the same time, local public transport is a prerequisite of comprehensive social inclusion – in both rural and urban regions. Every day in Germany, around 30 million people use public transport. Strengthening local public transport is therefore one of my key priorities as German Minister of Transport.

Sustainable urban mobility is inconceivable without public transport

Issue 1 2012  •  17 February 2012  •  Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Building & Urban Development, Germany

Mobility in our towns and cities is unimaginable without efficient public transport. In Germany, fixed-track local transport is the backbone of local public transport. Its planning, organisation and funding are the responsibility of the federal states.

The Federal Government’s share of local public transport funding is currently approximately €8 billion a year. Together with the money provided by the federal states and local authorities, this means that substantial state funding is available to make fixed-track transport in Germany more attractive. One of the major funding instruments is the Federal Government programme that operates under the Act on Federal Government Financial Aid to Improve Transport at the Local Authority Level, which provides financial assistance to largescale projects in urban areas and their hinterland that involve eligible costs of at least €50 million. The programme is organised by the Federal Government in consultation with the federal states and provides funding totalling around €333 million per year.

Innovation as a catalyst for local public transport

Issue 1 2011  •  25 February 2011  •  Dr. Peter Ramsauer, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Development, Germany

Facilitating mobility rather than hampering it – as Germany’s Federal Minister of Transport, this is my basic philosophy. Because being mobile means taking part in social life, economic growth, employment and prosperity.

Local public transport plays a substantial role, since guaranteeing mobility for everyone would not be possible without it. The quality of life in our urban and rural areas is directly related to the quality of local public transport. In Germany, almost 30 million people use local public transport like buses, underground and trams, every day. Public transport is an important alternative to private transport, especially in the agglomerations where the number of households without a car is particularly high.