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Austria is ready to embrace mobility increases

Issue 5 2011  •  31 October 2011  •  Doris Bures, Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria

Mobility is a basic need in our society; it is essential for the development of the economy, business location and our entire society. Mobility needs are increasing drastically, as is illustrated by all traffic forecasts. Our challenge: how can we shape the rapidly growing volume of traffic, both in freight as well as passenger transport, to ensure it is sustainable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable?

My strategy is clear: I am focusing on developing rail, I want to ensure the growth in freight transport is handled using environmentallyfriendly rail transport and I am pushing the research and implementation of intelligent traffic systems and alternative drive models. We have paved the way for Austria in this direction!

In Austria we have put together the largest rail investment package for decades. The foundations for this were traffic forecasts and a strategic development plan based on this. By 2016, we will invest €12.8 billion in rail. As a comparison, road investment lies at €6.5 billion. This clearly shows that rail has priority in terms of investment.

Taking Austria to the next level

Issue 5 2009, Past issues  •  28 October 2009  •  Doris Bures, Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria

There are only a few countries in the European Union having a comparably high standard of public transport. 5.5 million rail or bus trips are recorded daily in Austria. Each Austrian travels 2,800km by public transport per year – this is an achievement that is worth sharing, but which we want to increase further.