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Spain embraces the Bombardier FLEXITY design

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  9 August 2007  •  Diego Diaz, Director Marketing & Business Development Light Rail Vehicles, Bombardier Transportation

The introduction of a new transportation system into the urban environment provides the opportunity to re-define the role of public transport beyond that of pure function. Public transport can contribute to an enhanced lifestyle and commuting experience, improved local economy, more efficient use of resources and an optimisation of urban space. Trams are emerging in many cities throughout the world, as a popular and distinctive solution to urban transportation.

One of the challenges of modern times has been to create an urban transportation solution that is environmentally friendly and can accommodate the needs of the travelling public, whilst also merging with, and distinguishing, the character of its local environment. In this context, Bombardier FLEXITY trams in many cities have proven to be an urban transportation role model for the future.

A success story

Issue 1 2007, Past issues  •  17 February 2007  •  Diego Diaz, Business Development and Guido Vogel, Product Management, Bombardier Transportation

Developments in the fields of light rail and metro vehicles are moving rapidly and Bombardier Transportation is at the forefront of new innovations, bringing the latest state-of-the-art, innovative, safe and reliable products into service. These products are meeting operators’ and passengers’ needs and aspirations throughout Europe and the world.