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David Wright MP opens Arriva Midlands brand new Telford depot

Industry news, News  •  25 May 2012  •  Arriva

David Wright MP officially opened Arriva Midlands brand new Telford Depot on Friday 25 May 2012…

Establishing the next level of RTPI systems

Issue 4 2008, Past issues  •  18 August 2008  •  Andreas Roller, Product Manager for Real-Time Passenger Information Systems, INIT and David Wright, Team Leader for Transport Systems, Leicester City Council

Real-time Passenger Information Systems (RTPI systems) have been around for almost 15 years. In Europe, hardly any city or traffic zone can afford to ignore the requirements of modern public transport passengers, and the same process takes place nowadays in North America too. These systems have developed from comparable lightweight solutions that were able to consider current delays of the monitored vehicle fleet to powerful, fully integrated networking applications.

RTPI systems are able to derive reliable forecast data from the vehicles during pull-out movements, even before the vehicles have reached their revenue journeys, during layover and dead runs, and they can look in the future to the next trip, also for interlining vehicles. They reach their signs and announcement units by various types of cable-based and wireless communication technologies. They distribute their knowledge to neighbouring systems via standardised communication interfaces. Finally, they allow access to this data via the Internet and via mobile devices for passengers on the move.