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Improving access and reducing emissions in Europe’s cities

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 June 2008  •  Chris Humphrey, Project Manager of CURACAO & Principle Consultant of Transport & Travel Research Ltd

The unsustainable levels of congestion and pollution affecting Europe’s cities are being tackled by a range of measures, including charging road users to drive into town centres during peak hours. In this article Dr. Chris Humphrey gives an update on progress with the CURACAO project, which seeks to share research and good practice on road pricing between European cities.

The issue of road congestion has steadily climbed up the policy agenda of many national governments in recent years. Traffic levels in major European towns and cities continue to rise, causing increasing delays, accidents and noise. The European Commission estimates that a staggering €100 billion, or 1% of the EU’s GDP, is lost to congestion each year.

Bridging the knowledge gap

Issue 4 2006, Past issues  •  6 December 2006  •  Dr Chris Humphrey, Project Manager, CURACAO

The unsustainable levels of congestion and pollution affecting Europe’s cities are being tackled by soft measures that seek to manage the insatiable demand for greater mobility. One powerful measure at a city’s disposal is pricing road space by time and place of access. In this article Dr Chris Humphrey introduces a new European Commission project, CURACAO, which aims to support the implementation of the fair and efficient pricing of roads, and its accompanying benefits for cities.

Congestion continues to be a significant factor affecting the quality of life in today’s cities. That said, in cities where road pricing measures have been implemented, for instance in London and Durham in the UK, levels of congestion have fallen significantly. In addition, numerous demonstrations, trials and studies have proven that the technology works and that pricing schemes can deliver real benefits, most in recently in Stockholm in Sweden.