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The biggest light-rail project in Denmark is on track

Issue 3 2014  •  4 July 2014  •  Mikkel Kjær Jensen, Project Director for Ring 3 Letbane I/S

The heart of Copenhagen has been undergoing massive infrastructural changes over recent years with the building of new Metro lines. The investment in public transport has now expanded to the outskirts of Copenhagen where a 27km-long new light-rail system will make life easier for approximately 50,000 passengers every day. For Eurotransport, Mikkel Kjær Jensen, Project Director for Ring 3 Letbane I/S, explains more about this significant and exciting infrastructure project…

Large investments in public transport in the Copenhagen area

Issue 3 2012  •  25 June 2012  •  Henrik Dam Kristensen, Minister for Transport, Denmark

If you have recently visited Copenhagen, you will have noticed it has a large number of on-going construction sites. Significant investments made in various public transport projects over the last couple of years has meant that many roads have been closed and there have been temporary changes in public transport timetables and schedules. The new investments will mean that in a few years’ time, the city will have a new metro line, a new railway (60kmlong), a light-rail connecting the suburbs west of Copenhagen, and new signals on the railway network.

Additionally, the busiest train station in Denmark will be renovated into a modern and attractive facility. Unfortunately, the large number of construction sites will make Copenhagen a less inviting city for the time being, but I am confident that the massive investments will ensure that public transport in Copenhagen will be able to maintain a very high standard in many years to come.

In January 2009, the Danish Parliament decided that the number of passengers using public transportation must be more than the number of motorists. Therefore, the Parliament decided to invest almost €8 million in the Danish public transportation system. The investments have an unprecedented level in Denmark.

Copenhagen’s S-Bane network to get signaling from Siemens worth 252 million euros

Industry news, News  •  5 August 2011  •  Siemens

Modern infrastructure makes commuter rail more attractive and lowers the CO2 impact…

Salini signs the 1.7 billion euro contract for Copenhagen’s new metro

Industry news, News  •  7 January 2011  •  Salini Costruttori

Pietro Salini, CEO of Salini Costruttori today signed the contract for the construction of Copenhagen’s new metro as Leader of the Copenhagen Metro Team…