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Whitepaper: 5 criteria for boosting control room operator efficiency

Whitepapers, Z homepage promo  •  1 October 2016  •  Barco

In this paper, we concentrate on some of the underlying technology issues that have a significant impact on operator efficiency. Resolving these issues can boost operator efficiency as well as job satisfaction…

Setting course for the future: all signals to digital

Industry news  •  10 August 2016  •  Black Box

Thales Germany constructs new control centre for Berlin underground using KVM technology from Black Box.

CCTV & Control Rooms 2016

Issue 2 2016, Supplements, Z homepage promo  •  3 May 2016  •  Eurotransport

Tomás Melero explains how CITRAM is revolutionising the traditional concept of public transport management; Eduardo Hernandez Ledesma discusses intelligent image analysis; and Thomas Kritzer looks at CCTV as a multipurpose tool…

Author Preview: CITRAM – the innovation and management centre of Madrid Public Transport Authority

Transport Extra  •  3 March 2016  •  Tomás Melero, Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid

Ahead of his article in Eurotransport Issue 2, Tomás Melero, Head of Management Control Room CITRAM at the Madrid Public Transport Authority, gives a quick outline of how CITRAM operates for the Madrid región.

The heart of Lothian Buses continues to beat

Issue 6 2012  •  22 January 2013  •  Alan Black, Operational Control Room Manager, Lothian Buses

In operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, the control room is the hub of Lothian Buses – supporting our depots and 650-strong fleet of buses that cover 55 routes in Edinburgh, Midlothian and East Lothian. Looking after the daily transportation of over 350,000 users, putting customers first, and further enhancing their travel experience is our priority.

Lothian Buses has one of the youngest bus fleets in the UK and, since 2000, has invested over £130 million in new state-of-the-art vehicles, becoming entirely easy access low-floor eight years ahead of the government mandated deadline. As part of our on-going investment, we refurbished the heart of our day-to-day operations at an investment of £1 million, to create our new control room.

The objective of the 20-strong team in the control room is to maintain the smooth operation of Lothian Buses via radio communi – cation, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system and updating our website’s live service status board and Twitter feed. It has also enabled us to develop our information services to include phone apps and digital information boards at bus stops.

Control and Information Systems of Brno Public Transport

Issue 6 2007, Past issues  •  7 December 2007  •  Zdenek Schimmer, Administrator of Public Transport Telematics and Information Systems, Dopravni podnik mesta Brna, a.s. (Brno Public Transport Company)

The origin of public transport in Brno dates back to 1869 when the operation of the first horse-drawn carriage from the city of Brno to Kralovo Pole commenced. A long evolution of Brno public transport began in 1884 with the introduction of a street steam tram, electrification of the tram in 1900, the bus in 1930, and the trolley bus in 1949.

The current network of Brno public transport includes more than 800km of lines. During the working day, about 560 vehicles transport almost one million passengers. The Brno PT is prepared for the continuous operation of almost 400,000 citizens of the city of Brno and its large surroundings.