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Edinburgh gets a green injection of Lothian buses

Industry news  •  19 July 2017  •  EuroTransport

Lothian has launched a fleet of 30 brand new, low emission buses this week. At an investment in excess of £7 million the fleet will be serving one of Edinburgh’s busiest roads and turning the tide on its pollutant reputation.

Tram meets bus in St Andrew Square to show off new look

Industry news  •  17 December 2013  •  Edinburgh Tram

An Edinburgh Tram made its way to St Andrew Square tram stop where Transport for Edinburgh unveiled its newly branded…

First tram tested along Princes Street

Industry news  •  5 December 2013  •  City of Edinburgh Council

Councillor Lesley Hinds welcomed the successful testing of a tram between Haymarket and York Place…

Creating a lasting legacy for Edinburgh

Issue 2 2012  •  25 April 2012  •  Dave Anderson, Director of City Development, City of Edinburgh Council

The project to deliver a modern tram network for Edinburgh has now gained fresh momentum with visible developments and major infrastructure work ongoing along the length of the nine mile route. In the last 12 months, the project has had to overcome major challenges but with a new working relationship between the Council and contractor consortium bringing a renewed sense of determination, the tram project is now firmly on course to be delivered in 2014.

It’s December 2011 and the Edinburgh Tram project has just passed its first major milestone as moving trams are tested at the Edinburgh network at the newly completed Gogar depot on the western fringe of the capital. The facility will form the focal point for the 150 people who will eventually be tasked with running the system and will also be home to the city’s fleet of 27 trams by the end of 2012. It is already a hive of activity with tram testing underway. A short 500m stretch of track allows the existing eight trams to be put through their paces. By the end of 2012 there will be a much longer stretch of track with test drivers able to travel from the depot down the mile of track down to Edinburgh International Airport marking a significant step forward in terms of delivery.

The depot handover and track testing are among the many signs the project is now heading in the right direction. Major infra – structure work is underway along the length of the track from the airport through to St Andrew Square in the city centre as the jigsaw of different sites start to fit together and the final shape of the network emerges.