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Chair of Bus Users UK moves to a new role at The Big Lemon

Industry news  •  17 March 2017  •  Eurotransport Magazine

Norman Baker, Chair of Bus Users UK, is leaving the organisation to take up a new role as Managing Director of Brighton bus operator, the Big Lemon.

The voice of today’s passenger

Issue 1 2017  •  19 February 2017  •  Claire Walters, Chief Executive, Bus Users UK

Claire Walters joined Bus Users UK as Chief Executive in 2012 with a single focus; to ensure the voice of the passenger is heard by decision-makers at all levels, from central government to transport planners, local authorities and operators. Here Claire writes that a lot of this work is, naturally, behind the scenes but with the UK’s Buses Bill likely to reach the final stages in Parliament imminently, there’s a lot to do.

Bus Users UK appoint new Deputy Director for England

Industry news  •  20 November 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Bus Users UK, the independent group which champions the interests of bus and coach users, has appointed Natacha Tagholm as the new Deputy Director for England.

Video: Guide Dogs campaign for ‘talking buses’

Industry news, Videos  •  21 November 2014  •  Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs is campaigning for ‘talking buses’ – buses with audio visual next and final stop announcements on board…

Foreword: Boosting bus services in Britain

Issue 2 2014  •  30 April 2014  •  Stephen Morris, Deputy Chief Executive, Bus Users UK

It is often said that Britain is becoming two nations – London and the rest of the UK. This is perhaps most clearly demonstrated in passenger transport; London attracts the bulk of the country’s investment in transport. A regulated bus network, supported by substantial public subsidy, is probably familiar to much of Continental Europe, while the rest of Britain has bus services provided for the most part without subsidy by private-sector operators taking their own commercial risk…

Bus Users UK opposes plans to scrap Liverpool bus lanes

Industry news  •  4 October 2013  •  Bus Users UK

The bus lanes are being suspended because the Council believes many of them simply don’t work…

Real-Time Passenger Information supplement

Issue 3 2012, Supplements  •  26 June 2012  •  Stephen Morris, General Manger, Bus Users UK / David Brown, Chair, RTIG

RTPI systems – helping to remove the barrier to bus use (Stephen Morris, General Manger, Bus Users UK)
Public transport technology: another one will be along in a minute (David Brown, Chair, RTIG)