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2011 – A year of successful projects and partnerships for RATB

Issue 6 2011  •  3 January 2012  •  Mr. Adrian Criţ, General Manager, RATB

2011 was full of achievements for Regia Autonomă de Transport Bucureşti (RATB), the most important surface public transport operator in Bucharest. During the first half of this year, we concluded two strategic partnerships, followed by several projects, with real benefits both for the public and our company.

RATB’s strategy regarding our manufacture and repair plant was to increase the effectiveness of its activity and modernise the production lines. In accordance with these objectives, we concluded a partnership with Astra Vagoane Arad (a well-known Romanian tram car manufacturer). The main aim of this partnership was the manufacture of a new low-floor tram called Imperio.

RATB brought in the production space, utilities and labour, while Astra Vagoane Arad, which has all the necessary technical papers and is a holder of a Siemens tram car manufacturing license, made investments in rearranging the working spaces and improving the production lines within RATB’s plant. Thus, our plant has become a centre for high performance tram manufacturing and our current activities are being carried out at European standards.

EIB supports Bucharest’s metro and electricity generation in Romania

Industry news  •  19 December 2011  •  European Investment Bank (EIB)

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing two loans in Romania amounting to almost EUR 500 million…