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Security supplement

Issue 1 2013, Supplements  •  5 March 2013  •  Ian Craig, Robert Montgomery, Ietze Van Der Meer

Keep metal thieves at a red signal
(James Kelly, Chief Executive, British Security Industry Association (BSIA))
Making metro vehicles a less attractive target for terrorists
(Conor O’Neill, Rail Vehicles Group Manager, NewRail, Newcastle University)
Meeting current and future security challenges on the DLR
(Bob Gough, Operational Security Manager, Serco Docklands)

Keeping the transport sector safe

Issue 1 2011  •  25 February 2011  •  Pauline Norstrom, Chairman of the BSIA's CCTV Section

In challenging economic times, the need for robust security measures to minimise losses and damage within the transport industry has never been greater. With transport companies facing a range of threats from petty vandalism to large-scale terrorist attacks, being able to identify and counteract these risks as soon as they arise is of paramount importance. For Eurotransport, Pauline Norstrom, Chairman of the British Security Industry Association’s CCTV Section, explains how recent advances in surveillance technology can help transport companies stay one step ahead of criminals.

CCTV surveillance in focus for transport security

Issue 2 2010, Past issues  •  11 May 2010  •  Pauline Norstrom, Chairman of the British Security Industry Association's CCTV Section

In today’s testing global environment, the requirement for robust security measures on public transport across Europe with millions of passengers carried daily has never been greater. Crucially, those responsible for ensuring the smooth running of this critical service have to contend with a broad range of challenges, whether that is petty vandalism, assaults on staff, fraudulent injury claims or, most worryingly, large-scale terrorist attacks such as 7/7 in London and the tragic events in Madrid.