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Berlin Transport Authority expands Germany’s largest tram network

Industry news  •  28 February 2017  •  Rachael Harper

Bombardier Transportation has announced it will be supplying 21 additional FLEXITY trams to Berlin, expanding Germany’s largest tram network.

Setting course for the future: all signals to digital

Industry news  •  10 August 2016  •  Black Box

Thales Germany constructs new control centre for Berlin underground using KVM technology from Black Box.

BVG orders 47 additional FLEXITY trams for German capital

Industry news  •  21 December 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

The Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) has placed an order for 47 additional Bombardier FLEXITY trams for the German capital.

Berlin introduces world’s first wirelessly-charged electric bus in a capital city

Industry news  •  2 September 2015  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Berlin has become the first city to introduce a wirelessly charged electric bus in a capital.

ATRON equips complete BVG bus fleet with on-board computers

Industry news  •  26 March 2015  •  ATRON

The BVG is the largest transport company in Berlin and, together with the VBB, transports passengers within an area of more than 1,000 km². More than 1,300 buses and more than 350 trams cover over 105 million kilometers per year. Berlin’s transport companies have the largest tram and bus networks in Germany. As part of […]

Future-proofing public transport in the growing city of Berlin

Issue 1 2015  •  12 March 2015  •  Dr Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta, BVG

Chairwoman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of the BVG, Dr Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta, takes a look at current challenges and new opportunities on the horizon for the operator to ensure that public transport in the future will be Berlin’s number one mode of travel…

€4 million contract extensions for Synectics’ European transport operation

Industry news  •  1 July 2014  •  Synectics

Four-year maintenance contracts awarded by Berlin transport operator BVG…

Bombardier delivers the first long bi-directional FLEXITY tram to the Berlin Transport Authority

Industry news  •  13 December 2013  •  Bombardier

“The early delivery of the first long bi-directional FLEXITY Berlin tram in 2013…”

General inspection and modernisation of 39 twin power cars of the BVG

Industry news  •  22 October 2013  •  Vossloh Kiepe

Vossloh Kiepe and IFTEC carry out the general inspection of 39 twin power cars of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe…

Ticket to ride

Issue 5 2008, Past issues  •  11 November 2008  •  Burkhard Eberwein, Head of Vehicle Management (Bus) Department, BVG

For transport operators, protecting their passengers, staff and their assets is of paramount importance, and increasingly so. Whether on buses, trains or trams, indeed on any passenger transport, combating crime and dealing with the fall-out of crime is a major concern, fraught with challenges. For Eurotransport, Robert Wint, Marketing Director of EMEA Verint Solutions interviewed Mr. Burkhard Eberwein, Head of Vehicle Management (Bus) Department at BVG, who examines the challenges and developments concerning security for public transport users in Berlin.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is how to find the most viable, most cost-efficient and most effective way of dealing with the serious issues of violence and vandalism that plague network operators, reduce passenger numbers and impact significantly on the bottom line. The solutions, too, must have the support of those passengers and the wider public at large, not to mention the authorities, in order for those solutions to work.

BVG’s preparations for the World Cup 2006

Issue 1 2006, Past issues  •  31 March 2006  •  Andreas Sturmowski, Chairman of the Management Board of the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

As many as 5 million visitors could descend upon Berlin to watch the World Cup. It is the responsibility of transport operator BVG to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The Football World Cup in Germany will consist of 64 matches played by teams from around the world. Berlin is one of the country’s twelve host cities. The capital will host six matches: four preliminary games, one quarter-final, and the final. Initial plans called for the opening gala event to be held in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium as well, but these have been cancelled at the last minute by FIFA. Instead, a similar opening event including a street fair will now take place on the major thoroughfare known as the Straße des 17. Juni, directly in front of the city’s most famous landmark – the Brandenburg Gate.