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TETRA supplement

Issue 2 2013, Supplements  •  25 April 2013  •  Robin Davis, Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Philippe Soyez

Securing intermodal public transport communications with TETRA (Robin Davis, Chairman of the TETRA + Critical Communications Association (TCCA) Transportation Group)
STIB/MIVB plans further rollout of TETRA-network (Frédéric Jans-Cooremans, Spectrum and Radio Project Manager, STIB/MIVB and Philippe Soyez, Programme Manager Digital Radio, STIB/MIVB)
Show preview: Critical Communications World 2013

Security supplement

Issue 4 2012, Supplements  •  30 August 2012  •  Eurotransport

SECUR-ED: providing a set of tools to improve urban transport security (Jan Steinkohl and Yves Perreal, SECUR-ED Project Coordinators)
CCTV in public transport: no longer a nice to have! (Dave Gorshkov CEng FIET, Chair, APTA Technical Standards Working Group CCTV & VCA Standards and Eurotransport Editorial Board Member)
SMRT’s security and emergency planning philosophy and initiatives (Maurice Tan and Vaswani Anand Lachman, Security & Emergency Planning, SMRT Trains Ltd)

Protection via security systems: implementation and experience

Issue 2 2008, Past issues  •  30 April 2008  •  ET

IP Security Roundtable

Jonas Andersson
Director, Business Development, Axis Communications AB

Robert Wint
Marketing Director, EMEA, Verint

Krishna Baboelal
Policy Adviser, RET, Public Transport Company of Rotterdam

Jens Puls
Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Bahn AG

Following the success of Eurotransport’s Public Transport Security 2008 conference, held in Berlin in March 2008, we have given two vendors of security equipment and two end users implementing security in their transport networks, the opportunity to answer some questions relating to their operations and how security is impacting their business and their performance.

First of all, we put five questions to Mr. Andersson and Mr. Wint, from two of the leading industry vendors of security equipment, to gain an insight into what they feel are the main benefits of their systems and how they can help public transport operators.