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First Metropolis trainset shipped to Mexico for operation on Guadalajara Line 3

Industry news  •  1 November 2016  •  Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, Eurotransport

Guadalajara metro Line 3 will soon take delivery of its first Metropolis trainset following shipment from Alstom’s factory in Barcelona, Spain.

South East Europe Rail & Public Transport Development 2013

Events, Past events  •  5 December 2012  •  

5 June 2013, Belgrade

Security on the Athens Metro

Issue 4 2007, Past issues  •  9 August 2007  •  Dimosthenis Giannisopoulos, Chief Security Officer, Athens Metro

Preparing the Athens Metro for the Olympic Games 2004 in Athens was a multi-faceted project. As the Chief Security Officer, I was called upon to not only produce a security plan, but also to evaluate the situation in regards to what was necessary in terms of training and equipment required. Public transport – which had rarely been a prime target of terrorism in the past – is becoming one of the most common targets today due to its vulnerability.

Preparing for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games was a joint venture between the Athens Metro and the Police, Fire, Ministry of Public Defense, Civil Protection, and Ministry of Health, as well as the Athens Olympic Committee. As a result, the most important task was to co-operate with and co-ordinate the different agencies and to produce an outcome that would be accepted and endorsed by all parties involved. But the primary priority was the safety of passengers and personnel.