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Climate change – the strongest reason in history to develop public transport services

Issue 3 2008, Past issues  •  30 June 2008  •  Anu Vehviläinen, Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland

Global climate change – a threat to entire mankind – calls for drastic changes in our behaviour and goal-setting. The transport sector’s responsibility for climate change, and the related measures, best describes the future transport policy of Finland.

In March 2008, the Finnish Government presented a report to parliament to outline its long-term transport policies. The report includes a four year transport facility investment programme and a long-term transport and infrastructure development and investment programme, based on a comprehensive approach to the transport system. The report adopts a perspective that covers the whole transport system and its key aim is to improve long-term sustainability in transport policy. When drafting the report, it was considered very important to avoid focusing only on transport infrastructure because the problems of travel and transport chains cannot be solved through infrastructure investments alone.

Public transport – a real alternative

Issue 5 2007, Past issues  •  6 October 2007  •  Anu Vehviläinen, Minister of Transport, Finland

A public transport system has to function around a country’s special features. Finland is a big country with a dispersed population, so a private car is often an essential means of transport outside urban areas.

However, Finland does not differ much from other EU countries in that our public transport policy has two important roles. One is providing everyone across the country with an opportunity to travel easily each day, and the other is controlling climate change by making public transport an attractive transport alternative.